We are Kate & Tanya

… we’d like to tell you a little more about us

We met because of our love of yoga, connected because of our love of writing, and over the past three years have a forged a friendship based on trust, respect, humour, support, and a whole lot of herbal tea.

Over this time our lives have mirrored one another, the synchronicity in our journeys uncanny at times. Fully immersed in the practice of presence, working towards living a life of creative freedom, and touching the lives of women who feel this collective pull towards something more deep and meaningful, more powerful and connected.

We’re listening to the whispers of our hearts.

We share a common drive of fulfilling our Soul’s purpose and living a life of authentic truth aligned with our passions. The ultimate goal?

Full presence and the cultivation of joy, free of the fluctuations of the mind.

This retreat is for you.

Citta Retreat is a culmination of years of self study, tertiary education, self inquiry, and deep internal listening. We’re being called to offer this scared space for women to connect, breathe, to listen, to move, to feel and to awaken.

We can’t wait to share this beautiful Citta Retreat with you.



with Kate Duncan & Tanya Savva