Welcome to Citta Retreat

Breathe. Connect. Awaken

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Are you ready to connect?

+ With like-minded, heart-centred women who long to support you?

+ To your dreams, visions and forgotten power?

+ To your own heart-mind, your consciousness, your CITTA?

Citta retreat is a 6 night escape to magical Bali for women who want to take the ultimate journey within.

Join Kate Duncan and Tanya Savva on a transformational journey deep into your heart-mind (citta). Citta Retreat will encourage you rediscover what may have been lost in your daily world.

Time. Energy. Passion. Self.

These vital parts of existence that get lost in the mundane.

We know you’ve been giving away so much of yourself. You’ve been a hard taskmaster with great purpose and somewhere along the way you got lost in the busy-ness. It’s been difficult to stay connected to what really matters and you’re struggling to find your way back to your Self; to your heart.

It’s time to come home to you.

Citta retreat offers the opportunity to be nourished, rested and listened to. A space to awaken to your truth. At our stunning oceanfront location you’ll finally be able to breathe deep again, to feel your body, to hear its whispers, and reconnect with your true essence. The week will be an offering of yoga, meditation, inquiry and deep soul coaching work designed to send you home feeling refreshed, fulfilled, connected and empowered.


What you can expect

Upon arrival you will be greeted, offered a brief tour and given some time to settle in. We will meet for a beautiful beach side welcome dinner with traditional Balinese food (vegan and GF options available).

Each day will consist of two formal sessions in the morning: consisting of yoga asana, meditation practice, guided group coaching and transformational exercises.

The afternoons will be free time to process, rest and explore; until we meet for a pre-dinner vinyasa flow.

The evenings will be dedicated to integration and healing through practices like yoga nidra, yin yoga, sound healing, sacred dance, beach ceremony or intentional ritual.

All sessions offered are optional. We trust that you know the right schedule for you, always.

The yoga asana will be a mix of vinyasa flow and yin. You can expect the style to vary: sometimes powerful, mostly gentle and slow; always with grace and compassion. We will be flexible, open and guided by the needs and energy of the group.

Meditation instruction and offerings of both the Yoga and Buddha Dharma (teachings) will be woven throughout.

Included in the cost of retreat is a stunning day trip to nearby waterfalls: the ultimate exploration into our connection to nature. Details to be revealed upon arrival.

Also included is one hour long massage in the tranquil on-site day spa, to be taken at the time of your choosing (additional treatments can be booked at a special retreat rate. Click HERE to learn more)


What you can eat

Our beautiful location offers three ridiculously delicious meals a day: ordered al la carte from two different menu options. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options are plentiful.

At each meal you can choose a main meal with a juice, tea or coconut, and your food can be ordered at any time. We will usually dine together, though this is not a necessity should you require some time for yourself.

There are two restaurants on site with different menus. The Health Hub restaurant boasts a highly nourishing and to-die-for veggie-based menu, while the beach club options are extra tasty.

Excellent coffee and espresso, as well as cocktails beer and wine are available for purchase. While we encourage presence and clarity on this retreat, we also offer freedom from judgement. We wholeheartedly trust that you know what feels good to you.


What you might uncover

Citta retreat is designed to take you on a journey through your own heart-mind: to bring you closer to your highest self.

Topics we will likely cover include:

What presence, awareness and consciousness really are

How to liberate our “selves” from the thoughts that define us

What self-compassion, self-love and self-acceptance really mean

Discovering, and transforming, your unique defining moments

How to remove the limitations you’ve imposed on yourself

Using power questions to get out of contraction and into flow

Getting in touch with your higher self: your intuition, divinity or buddha nature

Creating powerful “Why’s” and daily habits so you can go home empowered


Your retreat includes

  • 6 nights accommodation at our luxurious beach front resort

  • A traditional Balinese welcome dinner upon arrival

  • Delicious and nourishing breakfast, lunch and dinner each day (days 2-6 and breakfast on day 7): chosen al la carte from 2 different menus

  • Each meal is accompanied by your choice of teas, juices or a coconut (excludes alcohol and espresso)

  • One 60 minute massage at the Day Spa (any additional services available at special retreat rate)

  • 10 x vinyasa or slow flow yoga sessions and 4 x yin yoga sessions

  • Daily meditation with instruction

  • Stunning Day Trip into nature: Sacred adventure to waterfalls: full details to be revealed on retreat

  • Teachings of the Yoga Dharma and Buddha Dharma

  • Daily group coaching, inquiry and transformational exercises

  • Nightly integration and healing exercises such as: yoga nidra, sound healing, dance, ritual and ceremony

  • Openness, connection, support and kindness from our community

  • Freedom from judgement, criticism, gossip or negativity

  • Invaluable one-on-one support from your hosts, Kate & Tanya